Sustainable energy is an election issue

Long-term needs of population should be a priority for government

The most important issues in the B.C. election are bitumen, fracking, pipelines and tanker transport of oil.

Human error, lack of maintenance and regulation rank high on the list of possible costly mistakes in fossil fuel extraction and delivery. Storms and earthquakes are another threat.

The cost of these calamities is to our air, land and water – in other words, our survival as a species.

The good news is that we human beings are able to curb our dangerous consumption habits and be innovative. Jobs can be and are being created using resources of sustainable energy.

We can be an example to other nations and have a feeling of well-being and security at the same time.

The relationship between government and industry based only on mutual financial benefits disregards the deeper and broader needs of the people.

We can and must change our priorities.

Arlene Nesbitt