Take precautions on Harbour Landing

It is time for council to make sure it has all its facts and figures in place

Now that a plan is in place for the old North Saanich School grounds it is time for council to make sure it has all its facts and figures in place.

Harbour Landing will be its name and given the proximity to local schools it makes perfect sense for higher density housing to go in.  Yes, there will be area residents that will not be happy, however one could not expect when the land was sold that it would just sit and grow grass.

The job for council was to look at and weigh options to put the area to best use and minimize impact on the neighborhood.

This did happen in an approval vote however it does concern me that even though approved some councillors decided to backtrack a bit on support ie: “best of the worst”, or “it is a compromise” and go ahead with approval. The more important issue is for Sidney to make sure it has all safeguards in place.

Sidney residents in the area might take a little getting used to the project, however, in the end a nice neighborhood only enhances property values not lower them.

This Harbour Landing project cannot stall halfway through and be an eyesore otherwise I would think the seats of councillors might start getting a little warm.

Just for the record, I live in close proximity to the new development proposal so I am not speaking from the other side of Sidney.

Mike Barwick