Target marketing plan offensive use of jingle

Using Mister Rogers' theme song presents inaccurate message

Has anyone else been outraged by Target Canada’s TV ad campaign, which uses the theme for Mister Rogers’ Neighbourhood?

I was shocked that the late Fred Rogers’ company would give Target permission to use this song to convince Canadians they are a friendly, neighbourhood store.

I contacted Rogers’ company, and in an email was told they are not allowed to comment on my question due to their arrangement with Target. I asked them if Target made a large donation to their company and/or to some charitable organization in exchange for permission to use this song, but again they would not answer.

While Target has, at least in the U.S., agreed not to sell genetically engineered salmon in its stores – a positive step – for the most part we are getting another version of WalMart, Safeway, Costco, Most of the products they sell can be bought in Canadian chain stores like London Drugs and Shoppers Drug Mart anyway.

Do we need another U.S. corporate store selling the same toxic chemicals packaged as food, shampoo, laundry detergent, etc.?

I for one will not be setting foot in any Target store, and will continue to try and support local businesses who sell non-GMO, organic, local and sustainable food and other products.

Helene Harrison