TB funding commitment requires government will

Canada's aid funding must be sustained to keep country's position as leader in TB eradication

One of history’s greatest killers, tuberculosis, has been beaten back by efforts of the Global Fund to Fight TB, HIV, and Malaria.

Canada was instrumental in creating the Global Fund and has played a major role in decreasing TB mortality by almost half since 1990. This year the fund is slated for replenishment, requiring $15 billion to reach its goal of treating 80 per cent of the world’s TB sufferers.

Canada’s share would be $750 million over three years. That’s $250 million a year to rid most of the world from a plague that predates biblical times, and continues to destroy countless lives and undermine many economies.

Because Canada is a leader in TB eradication, the steps we take have great influence on all other global donors. Our funding increase will be met by others and humanity will be well underway to at last eradicating TB. For the first time in history, this power is in our hands. Here’s hoping the Harper government has the will.

Nathaniel Poole