Tennis courts at Gyro Park well used

At present, Saanich council has contentious issues with public parks.

At  present, Saanich council has contentious issues with public parks.

There is the ongoing debacle of using public land at Cedar Hill recreation for a private clay court tennis club and plans for Gyro Park.

I overlook Gyro Park and see that the tennis courts are used on a continuous basis, including winter months.

Saanich Parks have stated that they want a consultative process and indeed Cadboro Bay residents have been involved, but the parks department has consistently ignored the results of this process.

At the facilitated workshop put on by Saanich on March 16, the tennis courts were overwhelmingly voted to stay where they are.

How is it possible that un-elected officials can implement changes and state that they do not remember the results of previous studies, or that only one person requested the tennis courts remain in the same location?

It is not collective amnesia but total intransigence. The tennis courts are a vital part of the park.

The park is a swamp and below sea level and is thus subject to tidal influence; and according to a Saanich hydrologist is difficult to stabilize.

One tennis court is not sufficient. Why move them at great cost and put in a plaza which would not generate the same family use and would be a magnet for vandalism.

All the courts need is to be resurfaced, at minimal cost. As a longtime resident and taxpayer I am greatly concerned.

Margaret Vey