Thought of deer cull is distressing

Such a beautiful city and such a cruel idea.

Sometime before Christmas, when we read of the proposed deer cull we wrote to the mayor of Oak Bay expressing our grave concerns. We have never received a reply.

We live in Montreal, and like many cannot stand the cold winters. Many travel to Florida but we decided it would be easier and less expensive for us to winter in Canada and obviously the best place is Victoria.

We did spend two winter vacations in your city and saw enough that we wanted to spend four months. However the news of the cull distressed us enormously to the point of not wanting to return.

Such a beautiful city and such a cruel idea. We continue to follow the local news online and see that no matter what, the cull will happen. There has to be other methods of controlling the deer and I would think that they must be explored first. We are very disappointed with this attitude.

Arnold Hemet

Montreal QC