Time for cyclists to update signalling

Pointing to the sky no longer an effective way to signal right turn

It is absurd that cyclists are still being told that the “correct” signal for a right turn is to point to the sky.

The purpose of signalling a turn is to make it clear to others around you what you intend to do, thus making travelling on the roadways safer.

Pointing upwards with the left hand kind of made sense when sitting in the driver’s seat of a car in the days before signal lights, it being unsafe to scoot over to the passenger seat to stick one’s arm out the right window.

However, it makes no sense on a bicycle, as one can as easily extend the right arm as the left. But it does make it more obscure. Is the cyclist waving to a friend? Does she want to go up?

Let’s be clear and thus safer. Cyclists, point in the direction of your turn.

Eric Light