Time to install stationary speed cameras on the Malahat

Re: Dedicated Malahat police unit needed but ‘unrealistic’ (News Jan. 13).

Re: Dedicated Malahat police unit needed but ‘unrealistic’ (News Jan. 13).

Many of the crashes and deaths on the Malahat are a result of speeding.

Speed cameras (also known as photo radar) have been shown in several countries (Australia, New Zealand, France, UK and Scandinavia) to result in a significant reduction of traffic crash fatalities. All that is required is for the province to pass an order-in-council then to give the public adequate warning and install stationary cameras at places where the speed related crashes have occurred.

Speed violations would result in automatic fines. The result will be reduced speeding, reduced deaths, reduced crashes, reduced police costs, reduced automobile insurance costs and reduced health care costs. It is a no-brainer.

Surely most of the public will accept speed cameras in places where it is known there are a high number of speed related crashes. Speed cameras should be introduced before a more expensive dedicated police unit is considered.

Shaun Peck