Traffic control efforts have many downfalls

Municipalities should spend their money on more suitable projects

How much money spent making the Beautiful Downtown Langford mess could have been used to improve traffic safety elsewhere, such as on east Goldstream Avenue?

The traffic circle is not appropriate, as it is too small and vehicles entering from side streets are impeded by those already in the circle. The traffic circle creates a dangerous situation, as some people do not push the button – if they do, it is difficult to see that the lights came on.

Langford politicians have let development go to their head, while neglecting policing of careless, unskilled and deliberately dangerous drivers.

Colwood, too, has been wasting money on do-gooder projects such as solar energy, while neglecting policing. Colwood is too small, financially, especially after voters got what they wanted – no gravel pit. It should merge with View Royal.

Sounds to me like it is time for voters to elect more realistic people.

Keith Sketchley