Ulterior motives suspected of Neish

Israel-Palestine conflict, Gaza flotilla

Re: Destination: Gaza (News, June 17)

For some time, now, I have been trying to establish a dialogue with Kevin Neish, regarding all his misconceptions about Israel and the Palestinians.

Unfortunately, after the first email I sent him, which he responded to, he has cut all communication with me, blocking my emails. Evidently, the articles and information I was sending him was not what he wanted to hear, having made up his narrow mind about events in the Middle East. It is very sad indeed when newspapers give free reign to publicity for ideologues such as Mr. Neish, who continue to act the same way over and over again, and never even try to listen to opposing views.

Mr. Neish seems to thrive on publicity about himself, and I doubt very much that he would go out of his way to “endanger himself” by going on these propaganda flotillas if he were to be given no newspaper space.

Ana Porzecanski

Oak Bay

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