VicPD officer’s actions seem justified in video

Re: Officer in kicking video won’t be charged (News, Feb. 16)

The first time I watched the video of the officer kicking the young man he was arresting, I too was appalled.

When I watched it again however, I paid close attention to the “victim” on the ground instead of the officer and noticed that his hands appeared to be reaching into his waistband. I realized that the officer had not acted out of anger or unnecessary violence, but was instead taking action to prevent a possible escalation of violence, should the man he was trying to arrest pull a weapon on him.

It is not out of line with his training, or even common sense to do what he did.

If you were in a similar situation, would you be willing to take the chance that he was reaching into his waistband just to scratch an itch? Or would you take reasonable steps, like kicking the person’s hands away to prevent them grabbing a hidden weapon? I know what I’d do!

K. Willette