Victoria council should prioritize solving problems downtown

Various reasons for the state of downtown business

Re: Space for Lease (News, Sept. 6)

The economic climate, no doubt, is one of the reasons for the number of vacancies in the downtown core. There are numerous other reasons for Victoria council to consider.

Many people I speak to don’t go downtown any more because of the panhandlers on almost every corner. Help is on the way if some of our councillors have their way and ease up on the skateboarding rules for the downtown area.

The store owners must be breathlessly waiting for this as the skateboarders will bring a lot of purchasing power to many downtown merchants. An added bonus for shoppers will be a fun game called “dodging the skateboards while trying to avoid the panhandlers.”

Perhaps voters will elect candidates with no strong ties to any political party in the next municipal election.

The current council is far too top-heavy with ties to the NDP. Many councillors bring their personal agendas to meetings, proposing things like drafting a letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Leave these at home and stick to the business of running the city.

Bob Beckwith