Victoria utility rate increases decried

Reader questions need for rates to increase, given other items on taxpayers' bill

Re: Sewage rate hike April 1 (News, March 20)

Batten down the hatches, Victoria, the Dean Team and its band of brigands is launching its spring offensive on ratepayers.

As of April Fools Day, sewage rates jump by 44 per cent and next year they will double. This comes from the cabal that ensured Victorians (or some) were looked after by doubling their own pay when they got the keys to the vault.

Oh, sure they vow to (maybe) hold annual property tax increases to 3.25 per cent, or double the rate of inflation.

But remember, water, sewage, garbage and transit are not taxes, rather fees.

Surely you can see the difference. Of course, you remember voting on this hike.

No? Well, you probably would if given the chance.

But on to the legacy of a $93-million bridge, speed bumps in parks and photo ops, while the streets, sewer lines and water system crumble.

Hire more managers; hand out more bonuses, we have an image to build.

Patrick Murphy