Violent arrest in video unjustified

Re: Officer in kicking video won’t be charged (News, Feb. 16)

I was appalled when I heard Crown had decided to not charge this police officer, yet unfortunately not surprised.

The video clip has been viewed 260,000 times on YouTube and the majority of comments are in disgust at the officer’s actions.

What I found truly interesting is Chief Graham’s comments regarding viewers not being aware of the context of what happened prior. What happens prior to an arrest should not determine the way in which a person is detained. This would imply the officer is reprimanding the detainees for the context of the situation.

The video speaks for itself, this is not only crude police work, it is disgusting, vicious, cowardly and despicable. Unfortunately, Crown counsel and VicPD are hand-in-hand, and Crown conveniently passed their judgement before the Calgary police completed their investigation. I believe this is common behaviour of VicPD abusing and bending the law to suit themselves. Fortunately, this time it was caught on tape. I suggest the public protect themselves from “our protectors” with cellphone cameras.

S. Smith