West Shore businesses save money while going green

‘We are leaders in innovation and creativity in business in the West Shore.’


Dan Spinner, CEO, WestShore Chamber of Commerce

As a community we share many similar successes and challenges. As we tackle these challenges however, our successes shine through more brightly than ever. I thought I would take a different approach in this column and highlight a local West Shore business that has used the energy-saving resources available to help her business save money and help the environment.

West Shore Notary Public, Kristy Martin, experienced first-hand how beneficial simple changes can be for both their environmental impact and financial bottom line. “As a small business you really have to think outside of the box to reduce costs. The challenge is that there’s so much information out there it’s hard to know where to begin. I started by choosing not to print every document faxed to us, which saves about $1,000 worth of supplies every year,” Martin said.

Her  focus on cost-savings was also applied ahead of time to the construction of her new office space on Jacklin Road in Langford. Refinishing vintage furniture, planning ahead for the purchase of a double-sided printer, and conducting a free LiveSmart Business Energy Assessment are all going to save her money in the short-term and over the years to come.

Organizations can reap a variety of other benefits from taking action. Businesses now have a lot of opportunities to highlight their energy-saving progress, which can significantly increase brand recognition and customer loyalty. Employees report increased job satisfaction, ultimately decreasing staff turn-over and saving the time and expense of rehiring.

To help us tackle our rising utility bills, there are some great free programs for small businesses throughout the West Shore and the Cowichan Valley available right now that help make understanding where to start and what will actually be effective a lot easier. The LiveSmart Business Energy Assessment program that identifies cost-saving opportunities that reduce energy use (provided through the WestShore Chamber of Commerce). The Solar Colwood program supports homeowners and businesses to install effective solar technologies.

Connect with Martin as well as local representatives from LiveSmart and Solar Colwood and learn more about the upcoming new Small Business Green Certification program being launched in the West Shore.

Open for everyone, the event takes place today (June 26) from 4 to 7 p.m. at Farley Martin Notaries new location, Unit-138, 2871 Jacklin Road.

Real examples are important, so hopefully by promoting this example of an innovative business, more businesses on the West Shore and beyond will begin to see how easy it is to make changes that both positively impact costs and our environment.  We are leaders in innovation and creativity in business in the West Shore. Save some significant money and support the planet at the same time – a real win-win and one that your customers and staff will love.