With Elton comes serendipity

It started before Christmas when my husband tried unsuccessfully to get me a ticket to see Elton John for a Christmas present. But I received one and here’s how it went.

He called our on-the-ball son to see if he had managed to get any tickets. Yes, only two, but for his wife and her best friend in Penticton.

Knowing my husband wanted to get one for me, they ascertained the friend wouldn’t desert her hubby on Valentine’s, so he gave the ticket to my husband and I received this awesome gift for Christmas; especially nice to go with my daughter-in-law. That was the first pay forward.

Said son found a free ticket giveaway to see Elton John by a kind soul on Used Victoria yesterday and after emailing a little story of how deserving his wife was, he won it and she attended the first concert Monday night – the second pay forward.

That left her original ticket that she decided to pay forward, first to her boss, who declined, then offering it free to me to give to a friend. Deserving friend went with me Tuesday – third pay forward.

Thanks Elton – without you coming to our city these serendipitous acts of kindness wouldn’t have happened.

Anita Mark