Won’t shop where we’re not welcome

Re: Hotrodders furious after targeted ticketing (News, July 26)

Re: Hotrodders furious after targeted ticketing (News, July 26)

Twice last year, my wife and I took our classic cars (1969 Cougar and 1974 Fiat) out for a drive. We ended up at Royal Oak Shopping Centre where we met some other auto enthusiasts and spent about two hours there.

While we were there, we went into Shopper’s Drug Mart and ended up spending $180. A few weeks later we were there again. We opted to buy a few necessities at Country Grocer to the tune of $140. We perused slowly through every single store in the mall as well.

By my receipts, we spent $340 in the fours hours we were there. That’s $85 per hour, while we egregiously hogged a parking space.

I hear that $85/hr is not enough, and the Royal Oak mall issues tickets to those attending to their mall in any car prettier than a late model beater. We can easily go elsewhere to spend our money.

I just know there’s a group of businesses somewhere that would love to use this opportunity to publicly open their arms to a well behaved group with a high level of disposable income.

The new centrally located Uptown maybe? There’s tons of parking there,

Kevin and Nicole Beaton