Brady Lockwood

Brady Lockwood

Belmont Bulldogs boast full dozen to Team B.C. tryouts

May long weekend 12 West Shore football players will battle for spots on Team B.C. at Simon Fraser University

The season hasn’t even started yet and the Belmont Bulldogs team is already making a name for itself, provincially.

Twelve of the team’s players earned a spot at the first round of progressive tryouts for Team B.C. Belmont has the third highest invitation rate in the province for the camp.

“This will be a good experience, I tried out last year and didn’t make it,” said right tackle, Tristen Forish.

This year Forish and the rest of the team worked on improving sprinting and running form and added more weightlifting to the off-season training regime.

Last year two Bulldogs made the cut for first round and Brodi Henderson, an offensive lineman, made the team that won the All American Youth Bowl in San Antonio, Texas.

This year the Belmont players hope to have similar success.

Across the province 400 players tried out and 127 were selected for the camp at Simon Fraser University, May 18 to 20.


“Even if I don’t make the team, I hope to make an impression on the coaches,” said defensive back, Brady Lockwood. The 16-year-old has aspirations to play for SFU when he graduates.


Over the May long weekend the players will stay in dorm rooms and “get the college experience,” said J.C. Boice, offensive co-ordinator.


The second set of tryouts will be held in June for 60 players which will eventually be whittled down to the 40-player roster of Team B.C.


The team will then compete in the Canada Cup and the American Youth Bowl.