Montgomery rink wins Victoria Super League

Jason Montgomery rink beats Kevin Dey rink for city curling championship

The Jason Montgomery rink edged out the Kevin Dey rink to take the 2015 Admirals Walk Pet Clinic Victoria Super League Championship.

The game seesawed back and forth with the win coming down to the skip’s rocks.

“It’s physical, extremely strategic and this part is a competitive league, its not a beer league,” said Ryan Landa, lead for the Dey rink, prior to the game .

Landa has been playing the sport for nine years now and hoped his team would pull through in the final.

“It’s been a consistent season for us. We’ve always finished middle of the pack so it’s nice to finish on top.”

A total of 20 teams play in the Victoria Super League out of the Victoria Curling Centre on Quadra Street.