UPDATE: Sooke boxer loses to judges’ decision

UPDATE: Sooke boxer loses to judges’ decision

Sooke boxer Jill Doucet competed in the Beautiful Brawlers All Female Fight in Pacifica, Calif., last weekend against another 12-year-old girl from the U.S.

After a hard battle, Doucet lost the three round match to the judges decision.

Doucet’s mother and owner of the Sooke Boxing Club, Ellen Connor, said she “hung in there” with her opponent and it was a very close fight.

“Even on social media some of the organizers were saying it was one of the best fights of the day,” said Connor. “Again this was a new coach, a new style, so I think she was kind of resorting back to what she knows in the first two rounds but really turned it on in the third.”

Connor explained that Doucet is going to spend more time training with her coach and continue to develop her skills. She added that they have contacted the same girl and are planning to fight each other again in November.

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Doucet’s next scheduled fight is coming up on October 1st, but Connors said she is hoping to have one on Sept. 30th in Seattle as well.

“Jill fought a close fight and one can clearly see how she continues to improve,” Connor said in a Sooke Boxing Club Facebook post. “Although we didn’t get the win, we got the experience and the knowledge of what to work on.”

For more information on the Sooke Boxing Club, visit their website at sookeboxing.ca.