Vic High basketball star can’t imagine doing anything else

Kate Phillips is one of the strongest players on the senior girls' basketball team

Vic High athlete Kate Phillips is one of the stronges players on the senior girls' basketball team

Vic High athlete Kate Phillips is one of the stronges players on the senior girls' basketball team

When Kate Phillips is on the basketball court, it’s like she’s constantly trying to solve one giant puzzle.

Phillips and other players of the senior girls’ basketball team set goals for themselves at the beginning of each game, and once the buzzer goes off, the game isn’t just about winning, but achieving that goal.

“Our goal from every game is to improve on something. If we have a new play, we try and run it and make sure it works, or we have a point goal if we’re playing against a hard team. We try to accomplish something every game,” said the Grade 12 Vic High student.

“After you get to the end of the game, you actually feel you’ve achieved something.”

Phillips’ love for basketball started when she was in Grade 3 when her friend’s dad, who was the coach, convinced her to join a night league. Up until then, she hadn’t really ventured into the world of sports, but quickly grew to enjoy it.

She continued to shoot hoops until Grade 5, before taking a break from the sport and rejoining the school’s girls’ team in Grade 10.

Since then, Phillips has shined on the court as point-guard and one of the strongest players on the team.

“I think it’s a really fun off-season sport. You get a lot of game play and it’s a really quick, but busy season,” Phillips said. “We all know our role (on the team) and what we need to do each game.”

While the basketball season runs from November to the end of February, Phillips’ passion for sports continues year-round. She also plays for the senior girls’ volleyball team from September to November, and plays softball and participates in track and field in the spring.

Phillips keeps busy off the court as well with the school’s athletic leadership class, in which she helps keep score for the boys’ basketball games.

“She’s a fantastic all around athlete. She has a huge heart that she plays with. She just never gives up, she’s in every play,” said Vic High’s athletic director Greg Pitre. “She’s just a little energizer bunny that never stops going out there.”

For the past few years, Phillips has also won the Judy Bourne sports award and scholarship as the top female athlete at the school.

After graduation, Phillips hopes to take general studies at Camosun College before transferring to the University of Victoria for nursing. She also hopes to continue playing sports at the college and rec league levels.

“I really enjoy the sports that I play. I can’t imagine doing anything else,” she said.