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Poop patrol                                Oak Bay brothers George Mepham, 7, and Henry Mepham, 9, embark on a poop patrol in Uplands Park. The boys started nurturing nature in the park through their school, and continue it with poo pickup this summer. Read more on page A4. (Christine van Reeuwyk/Oak Bay News)

Oak Bay brothers scoop 10 kg of poop from park paths in 30 mins

Family picks up dog poo to give back, inspire others to be more responsible


The identification of working horses in downtown Victoria is one of the changes to the City of Victoria’s animal control bylaws being proposed by the BC SPCA. News file photo

BC SPCA proposes fines for animal mistreatment, reduction in commercial trade

Animal welfare group’s ideas brought to Victoria councillors

  • Feb 22, 2018


Horse-drawn trolleys carry holiday passengers downtown on a recent weekend. This trolley was followed by activists protesting the treatment of carriage horses, a matter which may be covered in a proposed City bylaw.                                 (Lauren Boothby/VICTORIA NEWS)

Carriage horse safety in proposed animal care bylaw for Victoria

Regulated protection for working animals, pets being considered for City