National Geographic

National Geographic explorer and TV host Dr. Mireya Mayor photographed on trek in Africa. She’ll give a presentation at the Royal Theatre on Nov. 13 to open Victoria’s new National Geographic Live season.

Nat Geo Live explorer looks to inspire Royal Theatre audience

Mireya Mayor will share her experiences saving species from extinction


Spinosaurus are the only known dinosaurs that adapted to life in water. Illustration by Davide Bonadonn/National Geographic Creative

Dinosaurs taking centre stage at National Geographic event

NatGeo Live series finale May 2 at the Royal features renowned paleontologist

  • Apr 21, 2018


Photojournalist Ami Vitale will share her stories of working in war zones and taking an interest in endangered species such as the white rhino, when she appears as part of National Geographic’s live speaker series Jan. 24 at the Royal Theatre. Ami Vitale photo

National Geographic live returns to Victoria

World-renowned adventurers tell tales on the Royal Theatre stage