Ready to connect with Sterling Financial? Call 250-857-1857 or email to schedule a free 15 minute “Good-Fit” conversation.

Ready to connect with Sterling Financial? Call 250-857-1857 or email to schedule a free 15 minute “Good-Fit” conversation.

Clearing the financial fog in uncertain times

This Victoria financial advisor can help you understand your options, and see the whole picture

Tanya Sterling helps people navigate numbers. A Chartered Professional Accountant, she’s got a special talent for dollars and cents, but when clients come to her for advice about their business, retirement plan, financial acumen, divorce or taxes, it’s not usually the numbers that hold people back.

“When I work with separation and mediation clients, for many, the financial component might seem fairly simple on the surface,” Tanya says. “But the underlying emotional current often gets people stuck. There is a lot of value in helping people to see the bigger picture, chart the course and clear the fog.” Having sailed these seas before, Tanya can help alleviate the pressure and ensure everyone is paddling in the same direction.

That’s where Tanya’s other talents come in. Along with being a Chartered Professional Accountant, Tanya is a Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist, Mediator, Certified Power Coach and Conflict Coach with certificates in ElderLaw, Collaborative Dispute & Resolution and Negotiation, a Certified Professional Consultant on Aging, and a Reiki Master. Her business, Sterling Financial, brings all her skills together to offer clients holistic guidance —looking at the whole picture to find custom solutions.

“Numbers and money can be very stressful for some people and even more so in uncertain times. Lack of information and insight can lead to indecision, apathy and feeling stuck in different parts of our lives, which ultimately affects our health,” Tanya says. “Given the toll this stress takes on our lives, now more than ever it’s important to stop swimming in circles, climb aboard and begin seeing things from a different perspective.”

Understanding your options

It’s usually a financial challenge that brings clients into Sterling Financial, but often the solution incorporates Tanya’s other skills.

Maybe you need some quick financial advice, or maybe you’re looking to find a trusted advisor to navigate alongside you on the journey to bounce things off when new challenges appear on the horizon. Maybe you’d benefit from one-on-one coaching sessions and peel away the layers of the onion to finally deal with that repeating pattern, move through a current challenge or reach that goal and to approach your finances with greater focus and a clear mind. Reaching out to an expert like Tanya can help you to navigate around the known and unknown obstacles and help set the course so you can sail into the sunset.

“I help my clients get through some really challenging situations. Whether it be a separation, managing the estate of a loved-one who’s passed away, coming up with a plan for the care of an elderly family member or just finally facing a money fear that has held them back from really stepping into their power,” Tanya says. “This time has been particularly hard on small business owners, there’s a lot of new information and decisions to be made. It might feel like you are lost at sea, and as a ship sailing by, we can throw out that life preserver”.

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