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Heroes help bookstore doors stay open

320 'heroes' pay $10 each to save children's bookstore in Victoria

Thanks to hundreds of heroes, a downtown Victoria children's book store has been saved from closure.

After issuing a public appeal last week for help, as of Tuesday about 320 people had become members of the Tall Tales Books hero society on Fort Street.

"We got such overwhelming support from everyone in the community that we need to keep going," said Drew Lorimer, who owns the shop with wife Kate.

The Saanich couple hoped 400 people would sign up by July 1. They still need another 70 members, but despite not achieving their initial goal, the Lorimers remain encouraged that more "heroes" will come forward and help the shop remain viable beyond the next two months.

The shop has struggled financially with inconsistent sales each month.

For $10 a month, society members support Tall Tales Books and keep the shelves stocked, and in return they can use their membership fee as an in-store credit to buy books.

"We have enough to springboard us for now," said Drew. "They're there for us, so we're going to make a go of it."

For details, please call 250-590-3032 or visit Tall Tales Books is located at 795 Fort St.


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