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Sooke’s tech-savvy haven for help and gadgetry

Gadget Tree Tech Services booming

A wireless connection that dates back to childhood finds two friends operating a business in Sooke that’s starting to flourish.

“I’ve been friends with Alexander since elementary school,” said Kevin Hopcraft, who opened Gadget Tree Tech Services in November with co-owner Alexander Kingston.

Kingston worked in the wireless industry for 10 years and fixed phones and computers on the side with Hopcraft, with an eye toward opening their own business eventually.

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“We had been thinking about it for a long time,” said Hopcraft, who worked at Western Foods for 11 years.

“We originally started selling screen protectors really small-time on the weekends,” he explained. “We quickly realized the demand for other products and accessories was there, so we worked with some suppliers to bring in some items.”

That quickly led to both of them having a vast inventory taking up space in their homes.

“That’s when we thought maybe it’s time to start doing this for real,” Hopcraft said. “We started looking for commercial space anywhere about a year ago and found what we’re looking for in Sooke.”

“What sets us apart is we share a real passion for what we do and don’t like to say no,” Kingston said.

“We thought it would take a year before we were half as busy as we are, so it’s been a real pleasant surprise,” Hopcraft noted. “Word has gotten around, and the business has really taken off. We’ve had to make many adjustments along the way and learned pretty quickly that you have to be adaptable.”

In addition to repairs for computers, laptops, phones, tablets, video game consoles and a variety of electronics, Gadget Tree Tech Services at #101-6596 Sooke Rd. carries a wide range of accessories, including screen protectors, charging cables, head phones, phone cases, and display cables.

“If you need it, chances are we have it,” Kingston added.

They have recently added micro-soldering to the work they do.

“It involves a high-powered microscope and a lot of patience and precision,” Hopcraft noted.

They have made several donations to charitable organizations and plan to increase their support as the business grows.

“Sooke is a great place to have a business,” Kingston said. “We signed a long-term lease and want to lay down roots and give back to the community where we can.”

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