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Victoria restaurants launch reuseable takeout container program

City estimates 75,000 single-use items are trashed every day

Foodies in Victoria can invest in a reusable takeout container option hitting area eateries.

Through its Zero Waste Victoria, the city estimates 75,000 single-use items are thrown out every day in the community, so the Bread and Butter Collective is taking action to curb waste with a reusable takeout container program.

Bread and Butter is a local peer-driven collective aimed at providing resources and tools to hospitality businesses across the province. The goal is to foster long-term growth and sustainability of a healthy independent hospitality community.

The pilot project in collaboration with the city, sees customers purchase an $8 container – tested to withstand 1,000 washes in commercial dishwashers – at a participating business.

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The food comes packed in the reusable container. The customer brings the clean reusable container back when ordering takeout from a participating business and receives food packed in a new container. A QR code on the container links to a list of participating members, also available at

“There are both economic and environmental benefits to using these containers, including a lower carbon footprint with increased use,” collective president Maryanne Carmack said. “Every time an eco container is used and reused, a disposable item is saved from being created. The ecological benefits for using this reusable container far outweighs the amount of resource inputs and waste generated by single-use disposable containers.”

The program starts Jan. 15.

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