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A toast to eye-catching wine labels

By Sheri Peterson
The Lost Inhibitions collection from Church and State features some eye-catching labels.

By Sheri Peterson

For the Saanich News

I’m a sucker for colourful and playful wine labels. I usually walk past a boring black label to the colourful, lively one. Now the wine needs to be decent in that colourful labelled bottle, I can’t drink the cheap stomach-turning stuff.

Wineries have totally caught on to my demographic of wine drinkers. We are middle-aged women who like spending time on our patios with good friends enjoying a glass of wine. We are looking to relax, have fun, de-stress our day and have a few laughs. So what better way to start the occasion than choosing a wine with a fun and playful label?

This is what brought me to buy this wine at my local cold beer and wine store in the Royal Oak shopping mall. Church and State created this fun collection called Lost Inhibitions with the most eye catching labels. It’s brilliant, there are many different sayings to choose from, depending on your mood. They are all bright, cheerful colours and fonts. Comical and simply fun. Colour attracts and sells, it is the first thing we see and our brains react to. We all need a little fun in our lives these days, next time try wine shopping by labels.

Sheri Peterson is a Saanich-based interior designer with over 20 years of experience working with residential, commercial and hospitality clients. Find out more at