Disney channel TV series being shot in Oak Bay

Disney channel TV series being shot in Oak Bay

The new TV series is called ‘Pup Academy’

Oak Bay residents might have noticed several trucks and trailers parked along Hampshire Road this week.

The trucks are carrying equipment for the production of a new Disney Channel TV series called ‘Pup Academy.’

The TV series consists of a cast of talking pups that attend ‘Pup Academy’ – a secret school where pups become dogs by learning everything they’ll need to know about being man’s best friends.

Created and executive produced by Anna McRoberts, and executive produced and directed by Robert Vince, ‘Pup Academy’ is Air Bud Entertainment’s debut TV series.

Disney Channel has ordered 22 half-hour episodes debuting summer 2019.

Air Bud Entertainment is expected to continue shooting in Oak Bay until the end of the week.


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