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Genevieve the goat home safe after capture in Central Saanich

The therapy goat for Binkadi Community Services was missing since July 8

Morgan Cross / News staff

Central Saanich neighbourhood wanderer Genevieve was captured Sunday at approximately 1 p.m., two weeks after her escape from home and work as a therapy goat at Binkadi Community Services. The goat had roamed through Central Saanich since July 8, making her rounds between four properties, crossing the Patricia Bay Highway and quickly escaping from homeowners who tried to contain her. ROAM (Reuniting Owners with Animals Missing) set up cameras to view Genevieve and traps for her to walk into, but unlike other pets lured by food into captivity, the goat had plenty of fresh flora to eat outside. Ultimately, she was persuaded by the call of her kid, Delilah.

ROAM administrator Barb Mah collected Delilah from owner Me-Kon Hayes Sunday morning before heading to the 6800 block of Keating Cross Rd., where Genevieve had last been spotted. Within 10 minutes, Delilah began calling for her mother, and within 12 minutes, Genevieve appeared. Delilah and a young cousin escaped alongside Genevieve July 8, though the two were found almost immediately.

A drop net was used to trap Genevieve, as she was unwilling to enter the first trap with her kid.

“She looked absolutely great, once she had settled down,” said Mah. “We put her in the crate with her baby and then we transferred her home.” Mah added that time was of the essence, given the amount of traffic Genevieve faced on a daily basis.