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Langford homeowner avoids cat-astrophe

Talkative Siamese cat alerts owner to short-curcuiting hot water tank

A fluffy friend helped a Langford woman avoid disaster recently.

Linda Kendall was exercising in the back room of her house when she noticed her cat, Ming, making a lot of noise in the other room. Ming, a Siamese cat, is normally soft-footed, but on this occasion was knocking over items such as mops.

“Making a big, big racket,” Kendall said. “I came out to see what was going on and there was this smoke.”

The home’s hot-water heater had malfunctioned and was smoking. Kendall shut off power to the tank and called 911 and upon arrival, fire crews ensured nothing would catch fire. The tank was burned all around its electrical components.

“If she hadn’t let me know, I could have had a fire, and me in the back room caught there,” Kendall said of her cat. “I figure she might very well have saved my life.”