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Magicians hope magic saves elephants

Victoria-based charity Elephant Earth works at stopping illegal poaching in Africa

It doesn't take magic to stop elephants from going extinct, but Eric Bedard knows it can help out the cause.

On June 12 at the White Eagle Hall, 90 Dock St., Bedard and 15 fellow magicians will be putting on an array of magic shows to raise money for Elephant Earth, a local charity that works at stopping illegal poaching in Africa.

The charity, started by Victoria residents Dag Goering and Maria Coffey, was recently endorsed by the Dalai Lama.

Bedard plans to travel to Kenya this September and walk 100 kilometres with others to bring awareness to the crisis.

"It's a cause my wife Linda and I passionately believe in," Bedard said.

To learn more about Elephant Earth, visit