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Revisioning the parking stalls

City launches second annual Park(ing) Day

The possibility presented by three-by-nine metres of pavement are endless.

Last year, people got their first crack at transforming the downtown real estate, typically known as parking stalls, for one day.

Only eight groups stepped forward on short notice, but they presented a wide range of ideas: Jackie Kanyuk and friends turned one stall into a cosy nook for knitting. Lawn bowler Kris Constable set up demonstration turf to recruit new members. From his curb-side bed, Matt Christie debated homlessness with passersby.

Park(ing) Day is a global initiative, with a mandate to to spark dialogue about the way city's allocate space. On Sept. 16, the City of Victoria is offering up a second opportunity to take over one of 20 parking stalls.


To apply for a  permit, call 250.361.0257 or email by 4 p.m. Aug. 26, 2011.