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Saanich councillor issues a quiz challenge to test residents’ knowledge of CRD, Saanich

‘There are lots of interesting things to know about our region,’ councillor says
Saanich Coun. Colin Plant created quizzes to test residents’ knowledge of the CRD and Saanich. (Saanich Trivia/Kahoot!)

Saanich Coun. Colin Plant has issued a trivia challenge to residents in the Capital Regional District (CRD).

The local politician moonlights as a drama teacher at Claremont Secondary and decided to combine his political and educational roles by creating quizzes about the region using Kahoot! – a free game-based learning platform where users can create their own quizzes, surveys and challenges.

Plant learned about Kahoot! when the Claremont student council hosted a trivia game for students during the school’s Christmas Week events in 2019. He thought making quizzes would be a unique way to connect with residents.

First, Plant made a CRD Trivia 2020 quiz and tweeted it out on Feb. 29. After realizing how fun it was to create the test, two days later he decided to make another one to quiz residents on their knowledge of the District of Saanich.

“There are lots of interesting things to know about our region,” Plant said. “I see my role as a local government leader to be a conduit between the organizations I serve and the public I represent.”

The Saanich Trivia quiz has 25 questions – some true or false and some multiple-choice – and the CRD quiz has 32. Test-takers have 20 seconds to answer each question and earn points based on finding the correct answer as quickly as possible.

The CRD quiz includes questions about the 16 municipalities and electoral areas in the region and about the CRD itself. For example: The main CRD building is located in what municipality?

What year was the CRD created?

Which is the most recent municipality to be incorporated in the CRD?

While the Saanich quiz asks test-takers to dig deep and show their knowledge of the history of the region’s largest municipality. Questions include: Does the Saanich mayor have a PhD?

What is the Indigenous name for Mount Douglas?

What part of Saanich does Howard the Gnome live in?

A leaderboard can be viewed at the end of the quiz and whoever has the most points at the end of the week will receive a prize. The winner of the Saanich quiz gets one Saanich recreation centre pass and the winner of the CRD quiz gets lunch, Plant said in social media posts.

If the quizzes are well-received, Plant plans to create more for different parts of the community.

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