Salvation Army gears up for school supplies drive

Church hopes to arm 5,000 children with school supplies and backpack

The Salvation Army wants to arm more than 5,000 children with school supplies this year.

Over the last few years the Salvation Army has seen an increase in demand with the amount of families coming to the church for support in purchasing school supplies.

The Salvation Army aims to provide children throughout British Columbia with the necessary tools needed in order to have a successful school year – as accomplished through both in kind and monetary donations.

As each child heads back to school in September, they will be outfitted with a new backpack and school supplies.

Drop off new school supplies and backpacks at any Salvation Army Thrift Stores or Starbucks location.

The campaign runs until Sept. 11, and is co-sponsored by the B.C. Chiropractic Association, Staples, Fitness Town, Canadian Bible Society, Starbucks and media sponsors.