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Choral Evolution bringing Mozart and Metallica to West Shore

The new choral group is set to debut in a series of performances in Sooke and Colwood next month
Choral Evolution practiced outdoors and over video calls in the lead-up to their upcoming debut performances, but their dedication to the craft means the shows will go on. (Photo Courtesy of Doug Titchkosky)

One of the West Shore’s newest choir groups is gearing up for its debut performances next month, and its artistic director promises it won’t be the kind of choral performance most would expect.

These shows are going to feature everything from Mozart to Metallica.

“It’s been an adventure, truly, but the reason all of this is happening is that our singers just want to sing. They really need to sing,” said artistic director Bruce Ruddell. “For these concerts, we connected with this arranger in Scandinavia who makes these incredible arrangements of very contemporary rock pieces.”

Formed in the summer of 2021, Choral Evolution has struggled to practice due to public health measures introduced during the pandemic. But Ruddell said the 23 members are passionate and dedicated to their craft, powering through rehearsals held over video calls and outdoors until recently.

But the result of that perseverance is an hour-long performance featuring not just music but a bit of theatre in the form of expressive eye makeup, coordinated masks for the singers and even costumes.

“People can expect some really inspiring music, both rock-oriented and classical,” said Ruddell. “It works really well together with the way we’ve done it.”

Shows are set for 7 p.m. at the Colwood Church on March 4 and on March 5 at Holy Trinity Church in Sooke. Holy Trinity will also host a 2 p.m. show on March 6. Tickets are $20 on in advance or at the door, and current COVID-19 protocols will be in place at all concerts.

For more information, or if you are interested in joining Choral Evolution, visit or email

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