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International Danish music video features Victoria talent

Victoria’s Donna Thornhill edited the kaleidoscopic visuals for the music video about sexual equality
Smart Patrulje’s latest music video, Invisible Woman, features video and editing from Victoria talent. (Smart Patrulje)

Victoria has made it around the world as a feature of Danish indie-pop band Smart Patrulje’s latest music video, Invisible Woman.

The video was filmed in our city of gardens as well as Aarhus, Denmark, Beijing and London. Its production changed hands across the time zones as a result of the pandemic’s onset, according to a release from the band.

“It was basically impossible to gather people in order to film a music video, so instead we had the idea to contact some good people that we met through Instagram. We asked them to film some material and send it to us in Aarhus.”

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The music video, which shows distorted video and locales projected over the band’s lead vocalist, tells a song of inequality from sexual rights to the right to sexuality, said the release.

“The character in the song represents the sense of justice that exists in most of us, a call for freedom of speech, as well as freedom of expression. The song is a testament to the discrimination and oppression that is taking place all over the world - a call for change.”

The visuals were employed by Victoria editor Donna Thornhill, whom the Denmark band discovered over Instagram. Further editing was done in London and Beijing.

“In that way, COVID brought some good things, and we don’t think it’s the last time we’ll work this way – one music video produced without meeting in person,” said the band.

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