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Langham season finishes with Proof

Proof runs June 7 to 24 at A Langham Court Theatre in Rockland
Jon Scheer, Melissa Taylor and Liam McDonald in Proof, which opens June 9 at Langham Court Theatre. (David Lowes photo)

Langham Court Theatre’s 2016/17 season closes with Proof, a drama by David Auburn, directed by Dick Stille.

What is the nature of “proof” and which has more value for our lives, proof or trust?

What is the value of trust in human relationships?

Can a young woman whose primary education at advanced mathematics comes from caring for her “bughouse crazy” father be the author of a brilliant mathematical proof?

Delving into the caring, sacrificing and often hilarious nature of family relationships, this engaging drama explores the depths of love and the mystery of brilliance. Winner of three Tony Awards and the Pulitzer Prize in 2001. Proof is a play that explores the depths of love as much as the mystery of brilliance with some intriguing conclusions you will not want to miss.

Proof runs June 7 to 24 at Langham Court Theatre in Rockland.

Langham Court Theatre is Victoria’s longest running theatre in its 88th consecutive season. With nearly 400 volunteers and members, it is also Victoria’s largest volunteer-run community theatre which operates its own theatre.

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Proof creative team

Dick Stille (Director)

Julie Newson (Producer)

Dick Newson (Set Designer)

Colleen Maguire (Costume Designer)

Carol-Anne Moore (Lighting Designer)

Kevin Stinson (Sound Designer)

Gloria Snider (Stage Manager)

Proof cast

Jon Scheer (Robert)

Melissa Taylor (Catherine)

Melissa Blank (Claire)

Liam McDonald (Hal)

Christine van Reeuwyk

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