What to know before you head to Vancouver Island

The essentials for a great visit to our Island home

  • May. 9, 2013 2:00 p.m.

Visitor Information:

Most Vancouver Island communities have Visitor Centres where trained staff can answer your travel questions and provide information about accommodation, services, attractions, activities and community events.

In this publication, phone numbers and addresses for most Visitor Centres are listed with each community’s information.

For general information about touring in British Columbia and accommodation reservations, call 1-800-HELLO-BC (1-800-435-5622 ) or visit www.hellobc.com

Purchases are generally subject to a provincial sales tax (PST) of seven per cent and a five per cent federal sales tax (GST).

Telephones: The area code on Vancouver Island and for all phone numbers in this publication is generally (250) unless otherwise indicated. For local directory assistance, call 411. For long distance directory assistance, call 1-(area code)-555-1212.

In case of emergency, call 911.

Driving the Island:

Speed limits on Vancouver Island are posted in kilometres per hour.

• Approximate Driving Speed Conversions:

30km/hr = 20mph

40km/hr = 25mph

50km/hr = 30mph

60km/hr = 40mph

80km/hr = 50mph

100km/hr = 60mph

For a distance chart of Island communities, see the map on page 8.

Vehicle seat belts and motorcycle and bicycle helmets are compulsory at all times.

• It is illegal to use a hand-held device such as a telephone while driving.