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Beloved Greater Victoria restaurant closed due to pancake ‘poltergeist’

But Floyd’s Diner location is set to re-open
A ‘pancake-flipping poltergeist’ and a ‘rogue toaster’ were jokingly blamed for a Floyd’s Diner location being closed temporarily. (Pexels photo)

A Greater Victoria restaurant company had some fun with the unfortunate temporary closure of one of its locations.

Floyd’s Diner closed its Brentwood restaurant, according to a funny post on its Facebook page on Wednesday (Nov. 23).

In the post, the company said it was with “syrupy-sweet sorrow” that the Brentwood location was being closed temporarily.

“Why, you ask? Brace yourselves for a tale more twisted than a pretzel on a rollercoaster,” reads the post. “In the wee hours of the morning, our kitchen was taken over by a pancake-flipping poltergeist and a rogue toaster that had clearly watched too many horror movies. As the waffle irons belted out ghostly wails and the coffee machine brewed a caffeine concoction fit for the underworld, our brave kitchen staff donned spatulas and exorcism aprons to face this culinary chaos.

“Now, we’re knee-deep in a syrupy séance, flipping more than just flapjacks – we’re flipping the very fabric of breakfast reality! Rest assured, our ghostbusting chefs are armed with holy maple syrup and enchanted bacon strips, working tirelessly to banish these breakfast spirits back to the cereal aisle.”

But the other Floyd’s Diner locations are still open for business in Langford, James Bay and Royal Oak. On Monday (Nov. 27), the company announced that it would re-open on Wednesday (Nov. 29).

“As we swing open our doors once again, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for your patience and support during our breakfast exorcism,” the company said in a follow-up Instagram post. “Your loyalty has fueled our culinary crusade, and we can’t wait to welcome you back into the embrace of Floyd’s Brentwood.”

“While our kitchen is on a spiritual detox, we encourage you to embark on breakfast adventures at our other Floyd’s locations. Seek out omelettes that don’t double as divining tools, and toast that doesn’t communicate via Morse code. We may be closed for now, but our egg-spectation is that you’ll be back for more eggs-traordinary breakfast delights once the exorcism dust settles.”

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