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Ask an Arborist: Fire prevention solutions for your home and property

From grasses and shrubs to overhanging trees, Victoria arborist shares how to protect your home
“All of our arborists are also experienced wildland Firefighters,” says Jared Witt of Osprey Tree Service.

As wildfires continue to pose a growing threat in British Columbia, safeguarding your home and property has never been more crucial. Jared Witt, owner of Victoria’s trusted Osprey Tree Service, offers valuable insights into effective fire prevention treatments to fortify your home against the unpredictable threat of wildfires.

“Every year presents new challenges in fire prevention,” Witt explains, highlighting the importance of proactive measures, especially given the diverse climate across the province. Witt emphasizes the significance of understanding fire zones and weather patterns contributing to wildfire risks.

Jared Witt of Osprey Tree Services notes the importance of proactive measures, especially given the diverse climate across the province. Photo courtesy of Osprey Tree Servie.

Implementing Fire Smart principles is paramount in reducing the spread of fires around homes. Witt underscores the importance of creating defensible spaces and buffer zones exceeding 10 meters to significantly diminish potential fire damage. These principles involve assessing wildfire risks and making strategic landscaping decisions.

“At Osprey Tree Service, we specialize in wildfire risk assessments and we can assist homeowners in applying wildfire safety principles,” Witt notes. By establishing perimeters free of highly flammable materials, conducting landscape assessments and using strategic pruning and tree maintenance, homeowners can vastly mitigate these risks effectively.

Witt highlights the danger posed by cedar hedges, emphasizing the necessity of regular maintenance to prevent the spread of fires, especially removing the accumulation of dead material within them. He suggests alternatives like laurel hedges, which pose a lesser fire hazard, or a mixed species hedge which can increase the biodiversity in your yard.

“It’s never too late to start making changes,” Witt says. Whether it’s assessing your property’s risk, participating in community safety programs, or maintaining regular upkeep, every action contributes to a safer environment. “All of our arborists are also experienced wildland Firefighters, so they’ve seen first hand how devastating the damage that poorly managed landscapes can incur when a fire occurs.”

“Don’t wait until it’s too late.”

For more information on fire prevention services and to schedule an assessment, contact Osprey Tree Service. Let their certified arborists help you safeguard your home and neighbourhood against the unpredictable threat of wildfires.