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Free program helps CRD homeowners renovate for energy efficiency

Connect with an Energy Concierge for help with rebates, contractors, quotes and more!
The free Home Energy Navigator program supports energy upgrades, like electric heat pumps, in the CRD’s single-family homes.

Homeowners are keen to upgrade their homes for a variety of reasons. Some are interested in better comfort year-round, some want to reduce their energy bills, others are looking at greening their homes for the environment, by reducing their emissions.

It can be overwhelming deciding where to start, which contractor quote to accept, how to apply for rebates and what to do next. That’s why the CRD is partnering with a local non-profit, City Green Solutions, to offer the free Home Energy Navigator program to support energy upgrades in the region’s single-family homes.

This new regional service provides participants with free support from local energy experts, regardless of where they are in their retrofit journey!

5 Steps to energy retrofit success!

  1. Sign up to connect with an Energy Concierge: Your personal Energy Concierge will discuss your project in a free virtual home energy consultation, advise on next steps, and offer support throughout your retrofit journey.
  2. Plan upgrades: Decide which upgrades you’d like to pursue, analyse quotes and choose contractors that align with your goals. The Home Energy Navigator can help ensure you perform all the proper steps to remain eligible for rebates, and provide insights as you review and interpret quotes and reports.
  3. Complete your retrofits: Reconnect with your Energy Concierge if you have any questions about upgrades or rebates. Don’t have a concierge and already halfway through retrofits? No problem! You can get connected at any time.
  4. Apply for rebates: When your upgrades are complete it’s time to apply for rebates and grants! Your Energy Concierge can help you navigate the requirements and review all documentation to support your application.
  5. Enjoy your upgraded home: When your retrofit is complete, it’s time to sit back and enjoy your energy efficient home! The Home Energy Navigator will even send you a commemorative package to mark your completion of the program.

“Electric heat pumps are the most energy efficient and climate friendly heating and cooling upgrade option for homes in British Columbia and ideally suited for the typical climate found on Vancouver Island, especially with our increasingly hot summers” says Nikki Elliott, Manager, Climate Action Programs. “Switching to a heat pump along with other home energy upgrades, like added insulation, are a great way to reduce energy costs and carbon pollution and stay comfortable year-round.

Whether you need a little, or a lot of help, your Concierge is here for you. Participate in this free program by filling out a registration form online at or call 1.866.381.9995.