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Navigating an energy-saving home reno? Help is here, and it’s free!

CRD’s Home Energy Navigator program can help homeowners leverage up to $11,500 in combined rebates
Understanding upgrade opportunities for your home, and available rebates, has been no easy task but the brand new Home Energy Navigator program will make the process a whole lot simpler! Photo courtesy the CRD

If a home renovation is in your future, making energy efficiency part of the planning just makes sense – for your bank account and the planet.

After all, home energy costs are not only among the top expenses homeowners have, even in our milder coastal climate, they’re also a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.

A variety of rebates are currently available to help you upgrade to more efficient solutions, from installing a new heat pump for home heating and cooling, replacing your windows or upgrading your insulation or undertaking numerous other upgrades.

Understanding the upgrade opportunities for your home and navigating those rebates, however, has been no easy task – until now: Greater Victoria residents can now access a brand new program to make that process a whole lot simpler!

“The Home Energy Navigator program helps homeowners take the next step, regardless of where they are in their retrofit journey, and aims to reduce barriers to completing a home energy upgrade,” explains Nikki Elliott, Manager, Climate Action Programs with the CRD.

Created by the CRD and local government partners and informed by local industry experts, the Home Energy Navigator program is managed by City Green Solutions, a local non-profit with decades of experience helping homeowners save energy.

Designed to streamline home energy upgrades in the region’s single-family homes, the new program provides participants with FREE support from local energy experts, including:

• Virtual home energy consultation

• Customized retrofit roadmap that guides you through your upgrade process

• Quote reviews

• Rebate navigation

• And more!

Renovating for a greener future

The Home Energy Navigator Program is a key initiative emerging from the CRD’s 2021 Climate Action Strategy. The program will help homeowners leverage thousands of dollars in rebates from the provincial Better Homes program and the federal Greener Homes program for home upgrades like windows, insulation, heat pumps, hot water heaters, solar panels and batteries. These upgrades improve comfort, reduce noise, increase efficiency while lowering carbon pollution costs, and help future proof homes in the region.

If you have questions regarding rebate requirements or need support in deciding which upgrades are right for your home, reviewing quotes or filling out your rebate applications, you’re not alone. With the new Home Energy Navigator Program, help is here.

To learn more, visit and start planning your energy-saving renovation today!