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The best for your pets comes to Victoria!

Pet-A-Palooza producers open pet store in Cadboro Bay
The Pet Store is bringing the finest selection to your furry friends.

What would you get if the team behind Victoria’s best-loved pet festival brought their talents together in a pet store? Everything your modern day family could need!

And it’s exactly this that residents of the Greater Victoria Area can look forward to.

Lonnie Powell and Jordan Illingworth, event producers of the famous Pet-A-Palooza for the last decade, are happy to announce the opening of The Pet Store in Cadboro Bay.

“We’re really excited about this opportunity – it’s giving us the chance to bring pet owners the very best year-round. But don’t worry, just because the pet store’s opening its doors, it doesn’t mean the event will be closing theirs,” Powell jokes. “The event industry is one of the hardest hit during this pandemic, we decided to turn lemons into lemonade, and finally open the store we have been talking about for years.”

The ever popular Pet-A-Palooza festival from years past – make sure to check out new dates for coming events so you don’t miss out!
The ever popular Pet-A-Palooza festival from years past – make sure to check out new dates for coming events so you don’t miss out!

Pet-A-Palooza, an award-winning outdoor festival, is returning to the West Coast! After kicking off at Eau Claire in downtown Calgary July 24 to 25, the free festivities come to Victoria Aug. 14 and 15, before finishing in Yaletown, Vancouver on Aug. 29. Then heading to the states in November, adding California to the mix after the Scottsdale AZ festival.

The events have allowed Powell and Illingworth to work with more than 400 companies across North America, and the store is an extension of those connections. By only carrying top-quality brands from companies they know and trust, The Pet Store will offer something different that the Island has wanted.

“Every single product we have on our shelves, we’ve worked with through Pet-A-Palooza or we’ve used personally. There’s not going to be anything here that we haven’t touched, smelled or put our hands on. We know the companies personally because we have a decade building relationships and we’re confident in their products,” Powell says.

The store boasts a fully loaded inventory stocked with high-quality offerings including:

  • raw bar – a store within the shop dedicated to the raw fed pet
  • dry/canned food
  • treats
  • kibble
  • leashes
  • collars
  • beds
  • toys
  • accessories
  • supplements

If you can’t visit in store, “valet barking” ensures you and your precious pooches can pick up your goodies safely and securely. Free home delivery is also available to the Greater Victoria Area – if you’re unsure whether your home is within range, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone to check!

You can also look forward to a adventure hikes on their three-acre property in Shawinigan Lake, offering daycare services and outdoor fun. In spring and summer, watch for their free outdoor dog wash to help you clean up your furry friends after a day at the beach.

They’re currently taking a waitlist for the hikes, so if you’re interested, email to get involved.

With plenty more information to come, make sure to visit them online! You can also head to their Facebook to stay up to date on latest happenings.