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The subtle power of a lift chair

Need a hand? Lift chairs improve mobility and independence
Gordy Dodd gets a ‘lift’ from one of the comfortable chairs at Dodd’s Furniture and Mattress. Visit a showroom in Victoria, Nanaimo or Campbell River to find your new favourite chair today!

In some places the phrase ‘need a lift’ might be a request for a ride or drive somewhere. In other places, it might mean getting on the elevator. Some might even consider ‘a lift’ a coffee, to give themselves an energy boost.

Today we’re talking about a more ‘up-lifting’ experience.

Haven’t guessed it yet? Okay, here’s a clue: what has two arms, no legs, a reclining back and gets you up when you’re ready?

A reclining lift chair!

Most people have a favourite place to sit. And who doesn’t love a relaxing, comfy, cozy chair? Sometimes you just don’t want to get out of it. If it reclines, oh my gosh, that’s just the best!

Have you ever been so comfy in your chair that you fell asleep? (It’s okay to nod and say yes, nobody is reading this with you and nobody’s looking right now.)

The most revolutionary change to a reclining chair in the last decade is that the best manufacturers in the world have now added a lift feature. It was likely initiated to assist more mature people with mobility challenges, making it easier to rise up and get out of their favourite reclining chair. Now, it’s a fantastic addition for anybody.

What are the immediate benefits of a lift chair?

With a motor to tilt and raise the chair, lift chairs make it easier to stand up out of, or sit down into your chair. Lift chairs are extremely useful for people with mobility challenges, including those with hip or knee arthritis. A helping hand getting up is just ONE BUTTON away.

What’s the difference between a lift chair and a power recliner?

The motor on a recliner allows you to adjust the chair back and the leg rest, so you can switch between a seated and lying position. Power lift chairs do all of that and more — they also help you move from a seated to a standing position, assisting you as you get back to your feet. Oh, what a feeling!

The incredible value of a lift chair!

Fall injuries are a serious risk for older adults, and depending on your mobility needs, a lift chair may help reduce your risk. But even if falls and injuries aren’t a concern, you may still find benefits from a lift chair.

“Often our customers notice that the lift chair gives them more freedom and independence. They no longer have to rely on a loved one, home care aid or family member every time they want to get up. That can have a dramatic effect on their quality of life. My mom and dad love theirs!” says Love Dodd from Dodd’s Furniture and Mattress.

The Lift Chair tax advantage!

Did you know, if you meet certain conditions outlined by the Canada Revenue Agency, your lift chair may also qualify as a medical device and be tax deductible.

Choosing the best lift chair for your needs

“Start by visiting a show room and trying different styles. You may notice that a certain size or shape feels more supportive or even reduces pain, ” Dodd says.

How many positions do you want? Would you like to adjust the recline and leg rest separately, or is that not necessary for your needs? What about a heated seat or one that massages you or even one that has lumbar support?

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