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Pakistan hosts women lawmakers from 12 countries

Pakistan hosts women lawmakers from 12 countries

Islamabad is hosting female lawmakers from 12 countries at a conference on the role of women in strengthening democracy.

Pakistanis Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's daughter opened the three-day gathering on Monday.

Maryam Nawaz saluted the Women's Parliamentary Caucus in Pakistan for taking the initiative for the venue. She says it's high time to work for women's empowerment for the betterment and development of societies.

Along with those from Pakistan, women lawmakers from Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Jordan, Australia, Romania, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Jordan, Maldives, Indonesia and Nepal are attending the event.

Women make up over half of the population in Pakistan and though they have some rights, they are still hugely discriminated against.

Much of this Islamic society still believes women should not work but stay confined to the home.

The Associated Press