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Boil water advisory issued in East Sooke

It’s better to boil and be safe than sorry you didn’t.
The Capital Regional District has issued a boil water advisory for the Wilderness Mountain Water Service Area in East Sooke. (Katja Just -

It’s better to boil and be safe than sorry you didn’t.

The Capital Regional District, in conjunction with Island Health, issued a boil water advisory on April 20 for the Wilderness Mountain Water Service Area, which provides drinking water for 73 residential lots near the top of Mount Matheson in East Sooke.

The treated water turbidity is elevated as a result of high turbidity water originating from the surface water source at Wilfred Reservoir, said Shayne Irg, senior manager of water infrastructure operations for CRD Integrated Water Services.

Higher turbidity, or cloudier than normal water due to algae activity, is the usual driver for an advisory of this nature, Irg said.

“You probably wouldn’t see it with the naked eye,” he added.

The last boil water advisory, which is not unusual for the service area, was about two years ago.

Household tap water should be boiled vigorously for one minute to disinfect it until further notice.

The advisory will be removed when Island Health is satisfied the drinking water does not pose a health concern. Customers of the Wilderness Water Mountain Service Area will be notified when the notice is lifted.

Updates on the advisory will be provided if there is a change in information. Check for updates.

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