Burning B.C. transit bus had just been inspected

A transit bus that had been inspected less than a week before, caught fire as it passed through Vic West Sunday.

Passengers on board the 6A bus had their trip cut short after flames were seen flickering out the back around 3:45 p.m., as the bus motored along Esquimalt Road

The driver pulled over the 1995 New Flyer transit vehicle and passengers were evacuated near the bus stop at Maitland Street in Vic West.

Victoria firefighters targetted the back of the bus where flames licked at the roof.

All buses in the transit fleet are routinely inspected every 5,000 kilometres, said Joanna Linsangan, B.C. Transit spokesperson. The 6A bus had undergone an inspection Feb. 8.

The bus is now at the transit yard on Gorge Road and B.C. Transit is continuing its investigation into the cause of the fire. It’s believed to have originated in the engine compartment, the spokesperson explained.

“Given the fact that this is such a rare occurence, it certainly caught us by surprise,” Linsangan said.