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Canadian Tire fundraiser shows heart

Greater Victoria stores’ Fix-A-Heart campaign raise $52,000 to support cardiac care at Royal Jubilee Hospital.

Greater Victoria Canadian Tire stores’ Fix-A-Heart campaign has raised $52,000 to support cardiac care with the purchase of rehabilitation equipment for Royal Jubilee Hospital.

“I think their growing generosity speaks to just how important heart health is to all of us,” said Douglas Street Canadian Tire owner Dave Ullathorne said of customers, in a press release. “It’s sad to say, but everyone knows someone with heart disease. We’re now on our way to raising a million dollars to help.”

Over 10 years the Fix-A-Heart campaign has raised $609,000 through customers donating a dollar or two at the till in December.

This year’s funds are earmarked to support a telemetry monitoring system that allows medical professionals to monitor the electrical activity of a patient’s heart as they exercise. The system can detect certain conditions before a patient even experiences any symptoms, allowing for early intervention and treatment.

“If you could see what their contributions to cardiac care look like, you would see patients who have the most advanced diagnostic equipment to ensure faster and more accurate treatment,” said Alan Lowe, board chair for the Victoria Hospitals Foundation.


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