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Canucks-lovers organize fan video shoot for Monday

A group of Victoria-based Canucks fans want to show their team spirit with a fan video.

Alex Hodgson, Jeff Thompson and Chika Murugiah are filming a Victoria Canucks tribute video on Monday night (May 30) at Sopranos Bar and Grill. Hodgson and Thompson will shoot and edit the video and it will be posted on YouTube.

“The reason we are doing this, aside from this being a pump-up for the Canucks, is because there is such a large fan base in Victoria and it is often not recognized,” said Murugiah. “The fans here in Victoria are just as die-hard as in Vancouver – I would know, I’m from Vancouver myself.

“Also, being as this is the first time back into the Stanley Cup final in 17 years, we want to show as much support as we can get.”

There’s no cover charge for the event, which starts runs from 8 p.m. to about 10 p.m. and anyone who attends is asked to bring as much Canucks swag as possible, from jerseys, to flags and even face paint.

Sopranos is at 730 Caledonia Ave. For more information, the organizers have a Facebook page set up at